Litigation & Disputes
We set precedents and have changed the law to better protect people’s privacy and security.

In today’s “post-truth” age, the need for facts, accuracy and evidence is greater than ever before – and our heritage in this area sets us apart from the rest.

Best-in-class litigation lawyers

From high value commercial litigation, to threats from individuals, we support you in your most vulnerable moments – upholding your rights while navigating disputes – and fighting on your behalf if litigation is required.

We have the largest team of defamation and privacy lawyers in the world. Our clients include global businesses, governments and some of the worlds’ most successful, high-profile individuals. The threats we fight are increasingly complex and come from a vast array of sources, so we have pioneered a combined approach to crisis defence with law at its core.

Our exceptional lawyers work alongside our in-house team of some of the best investigators, intelligence agents, political risk experts, cyber-security professionals and digital reputation advisors to give you the edge in negotiations and proceedings. We believe in winning first – then going to Court.

Their advice on when to engage, when not engage is spot on. They are Champions League litigation lawyers.

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Our litigation & disputes capabilities

Anti-harassment & paparazzi deterrence

When you’re in the public eye, significant ‘life events’ - weddings, the birth of a child and other personal developments - can be upset by unwelcome intrusion of the international media.

We use our wealth of experience to create a protective bubble around these events to safeguard your privacy.

We go the extra mile to keep you safe – working with those who have signed confidentiality agreements to ensure they understand the terms, and actively engaging with the paparazzi to spell out the precise terms of your boundaries.

By clearly defining your parameters up front, we can take robust action fast should anyone break the rules. As a backstop, our social media monitoring service helps pick up any leaks instantly so we can take swift action.

Breaches of privacy & injunctions

We all have a right to privacy – it’s a universal human right enshrined in law. But today’s culture makes it harder than ever before to live your life privately, which can cause you, and your business, problems. At a time when anyone with a smart phone can become a roving reporter – and anyone with basic investigation skills can access digital records – many people are conceding defeat in the battle for privacy.

We fight passionately against this. We routinely stop intrusive stories making it to press, and halt attempts to expose our client’s personal finances.

We work with you to mitigate privacy risks ahead of time. When you’re in the public eye, just moving home or going on holiday can expose vulnerabilities - we work to protect you and keep your life private.

Breach of confidence

We understand the importance of confidence in business whether it be investment information or customer and client details.

We work with you and your stakeholders on a preemptive basis to protect your and your company’s confidential information and if things go wrong we act swiftly and decisively to stop leaks or dissemination.

Contractual disputes

We understand how stressful disputes can be. Whether it’s a supplier breaching the terms of a contract or a provider who is not meeting its obligations, we work with you to identify the best course of action. Whether that leads to negotiations, arbitration or litigation, we always look after your best interests.

Data protection & GDPR

Whether you’re navigating the complex world of data regulation, or have suffered a data breach, we help put things right.

We help businesses navigate the complex data landscape, from dealing with data to adhering to regulation. Whether you need to bring a claim relating to data transfer, defend against a breach of GDPR, or simply want to feel confident your data processes are the best they can be – we can help.

If you’ve suffered a data breach or been hacked, we understand the implications this has for your finances and reputation. We work with you to deal with the breach, safeguard your reputation, and hold hackers accountable.

Defamation & libel

When something false or defamatory is written about you, or your private life is publicly exposed, we can help. With four decades experience in fighting falsehoods, nobody understands better than us just how upsetting these intrusions are – and how to solve them, fast.

We’re there when a crisis hits and work with you to anticipate and protect against future threats. We believe the steps you take to protect your reputation are as crucial as those you took to build it.

Employment litigation

Not all employees leave organisations on good terms. If a former employee has an axe to grind you may find the end of the contract can be the start of a nightmare.

We help organisations avoid acrimony by pre-empting and managing risks – putting measures in place to resolve genuine grievances and ensure confidentiality in the event of a contract ending.

We also advise on the use of Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) to protect commercially sensitive information.

If any hostile action occurs, we take swift action. If the issue turns into litigation, we help you approach the claim objectively and protect you from damaging falsehoods.

Intellectual property & copyright

Nothing is more frustrating than a copyright dispute or intellectual property theft. We regularly advise successful businesses and individuals on disputes relating to brand reputation or privacy.

From contentious copyright disputes to trademark infringements or false endorsements, passing-off and domain disputes, we take an intelligence-led approach to solving the problem. We handle any resulting litigation with care – safeguarding your privacy at a sensitive time.

Misuse of data

From opening mail to sifting through rubbish, there have always been determined individuals willing to go to great lengths to get their hands on sensitive information. In the digital age, the methods are less ‘hands on’ but just as devious. Phishing, spamming and breach of email confidence are all ways in which your private data can fall into the hands of the wrong person. Once you know they have it, what can you do about it?

We always aim to tackle the issue with speed and precision to minimise the likely secondary fall out of the action itself and will help you navigate the appropriate legal course of action. Powers at our disposal include The Computer Misuse Act, Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act, Fraud Act and the tort of Cyber-Trespass and in the case of data loss we provide digital forensics to track down and identify the source of a cyber attack.

Regulatory complaints & arbitration

When you’re operating in a complex regulatory landscape, you need to feel confident you have all bases covered.

We support you in navigating regulation – from understanding the rules and mitigating risks to dealing with complaints.

If you are the subject of an FCA or ICO investigation, we adopt a robust and strategic approach. Throughout the investigation – or if arbitration or litigation is required – we handle the situation sensitively, ensuring your privacy is protected.

Case Study

Media Crisis – defamation and libel


Defending reputation isn’t just a case of bringing to justice those who attacked you; it’s demanding the opportunity to return to how you were perceived before the falsehood occurred. If the public perception is 'there’s no smoke without fire', we see our job as to fumigate as well as extinguish.

When we were asked to represent a famous author following the publication of a defamatory article in a UK national newspaper, we were determined not just to win the case but ensure our client received the opportunity to set the record straight.

What we did

Getting the newspaper to admit its article was indeed defamatory and forcing it to pay substantial damages was just step one. In addition, we ensured the author had the opportunity to put the narrative straight with a Statement in Open Court.


Our client was able to re-set the narrative on her terms, via a Statement in Open Court. She did this despite multiple attempts by the publisher to block this action through the Court of Appeal.

All services

We are the only business in the world to deploy – under one roof – media experts, data protection lawyers, litigators, experts from military intelligence, investigative journalists, international investigators, cyber security specialists, digital forensic experts and senior people from the military, police and government.

Litigation & Disputes

The go-to legal experts when your privacy, reputation or security are under attack.

  • Anti-harassment & paparazzi deterrence
  • Breach of confidence
  • Breaches of Privacy & Injunctions
  • Contractual disputes
  • Data Protection & GDPR
  • Defamation & libel
  • Employment Litigation
  • Intellectual property & copyright
  • Misuse of data
  • Regulatory Complaints & Arbitration
Intelligence & Investigations

Ethical, boundary-pushing intelligence gathering to find facts and get ahead of problems, fast.

  • Anti-corruption & fraud investigations (FCPA & UK Bribery Act)
  • Asset tracing & recovery
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Influencer screening
  • Internal investigations
  • Litigation & dispute support
  • Reverse due diligence
Digital Communications

Digital wizards fighting falsehoods and putting you back in control of your online narrative.

  • Audience analysis
  • Competitor & market insights
  • Digital portfolio forensics
  • Falsehood identification
  • Research & analytics
  • Resilience building
  • Search result audit & monitoring
  • Social Listening & Analysis
Critical Risk, Physical & Cyber Security

The experts you need on your team – just not every day. Cyber security, physical security and geopolitical advice to keep you safe before, during and after a crisis.

    • Geopolitical advisory
    • Private diplomacy
    • Illegal detention response
    • Kidnap for ransom & extortion
    • Missing persons
    • Resilience training
    • Security risk analysis, planning & management
    • Stalking & fixated behaviour
    • Vetting
    • CISO-as-a-service
    • Design, test & secure systems
    • Digital forensics
    • Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)