Strategic Alliance
In an innovative new arrangement, Schillings has joined forces with two of the world’s leading reputation specialists to create a new coalition of high-stakes problem solvers.

Schillings is now part of a strategic alliance with leading defamation and reputation lawyers Clare Locke in the US, and Giles George in Australia. Together, our global reach will offer clients an unrivalled set of capabilities and service coverage, with a global team of best-in-class operators in key international hubs.

Founded in 2014, Clare Locke is North America’s leading defamation firm. Headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia, its national practice is dedicated to litigating complex defamation matters and representing clients facing high-profile reputational attacks.

Founded in Sydney by Rebekah Giles and Patrick George – both internationally respected leaders in defamation and reputation risk management – Giles George is Australia’s leading reputational risk law firm and are recognised thought leaders in media and defamation law.