Digital reputation defence


For most people, when a reputation crisis occurs it comes completely out of the blue. In our experience, however, there are always warning signs – even if they seem small. By reading these signs, we can prevent crises before they even happen.

When a prominent Middle Eastern family who had been victim to a spate of reputation threats asked us to ensure they saw the next one coming, we knew precisely how to create an early warning system.

What we did

Using the evidence of previous attacks, our intelligence and digital forensics teams analysed the behavioural patterns common to the online tactics the perpetrator used. Then, using social media, we compiled a forecast of trends and events that were likely to impact our client. Armed with this information, we advised the family on how to conduct their affairs to avoid the spotlight. In addition, our legal team contacted the media outlets who had disseminated false information previously and ensured a more balanced code of conduct.


By applying preventative measures, we put the family back in control of their true narrative. Not only do they now attract fewer threats, but they can spot them coming and act before the online rumour mill catches on.

Capabilities Used
  • Privacy threat & injunctions
  • Competitor & market insights
  • Falsehood identification
  • Resilience building
  • Search result audit & monitoring
  • Social Listening & Analysis

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