Media Crisis – Defamation and Libel


Defending reputation isn’t just a case of bringing to justice those who attacked you; it’s demanding the opportunity to return to how you were perceived before the falsehood occurred. If the public perception is “there’s no smoke without fire”, we see our job as to fumigate as well as extinguish. 

When we were asked to represent a famous author following the publication of a defamatory article in a UK national newspaper, we were determined not just to win the case but ensure our client received the opportunity to set the record straight.

What we did

Getting the newspaper to admit its article was indeed defamatory and forcing it to pay substantial damages was just step one. In addition, we ensured the author had the opportunity to put the narrative straight with a Statement in Open Court.


Our client was able to re-set the narrative on her terms, via a Statement in Open Court. She did this despite multiple attempts by the publisher to interfere with, and delay, the Statement, including in the Court of Appeal.

Capabilities Used
  • Defamation & libel

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