Not all employees leave on good terms. When employees leave for a competitor, there’s always the risk that they breach restrictive covenants and confidentiality agreements. But when the leavers in question are privy to highly sensitive information, you need to employ much more sophisticated tools than the blunt mallet of employment law to negotiate a positive solution.

When an employer came to us with this issue, we understood the key to this case was to achieve a resolution without going to court – and avoiding the public disclosure and media circus that would go with a trial.

What we did

Speed was of the essence, so we acted swiftly to issue proceedings against the leavers. We also saw the key to success was to look at the international nature of the business. By taking a broader perspective of the legal framework of our client’s business, we were able to effect more powerful statutes from jurisdictions in which the business operated - over and above those of the country in which the employees worked.


With a strong case and sophisticated negotiation, we delivered a positive outcome for our client at zero risk to their reputation.

Capabilities Used
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Employment Litigation

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